5 ways to brighten your day.

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Needing a little pick-me-up? Something that's (pretty much) guaranteed to improve your mood if you're feeling a little 'meh'?
I've got you sorted...

~ Sport a splash of colour ~

I know what you’re thinking. Preaching the beautiful, bold tones that S/S brings, when the brightest colour in the above outfit is your everyday denim blue. I get’cha point, but a pop of something really does work at lightening the spirits. If you’re lacking said ‘pops’ in your wardrobe, a bright lip or nail always does the trick (my current talon fave being Essie’s ‘rock the runway'. Give it a go and thank me later.

~ Listen ~

To the birds, to the sea (I'm so lucky to say I live fairly close to a beach), or even simply to your own thoughts through meditation. Five or so minutes of just taking a breather makes the biggest difference. I have a monthly subscription to Headspace (check out the epic joint package with Spotify) and I absolutely love how many options are on offer dependant on your particular mood/needs.

~ Eat some good grub ~

Sure, I’m all about that healthy eating life (big up the ol' fruit ‘n’ veg), but have you ever had a Double Raspberry Magnum? Hot damn. Chocolate *along with other amazing edible delights* always, always helps.

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~ Self-care ~

Self-care is a real biggie in terms of feeling your best. For example, if I’m ever not ‘on it’ with my skincare regime, my dry-prone skin resets to just that, which in turn makes my makeup sit badly, and thus makes me feel a wee bit poop when I stare back at my patchy, dehydrated complexion in the mirror. It’s nothing, in the grand scheme of things, but if you ask me, looking after yourself *for yourself* is oh-so important. It doesn’t have to be skincare though, it could be something as simple as having some chill time to yourself, biting the bullet and getting a snazzy new hairdo at the salon, or rewarding yourself for your achievements - be it a plan or a purchase.
Oh, and sleep; make sure you get enough of the stuff!

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~ Read a book ~

So I definitely don’t dedicate enough time to this one, but reading a good book is a fast-track way to ensure you're feelin' fine. Rather than browsing what Instagram has to offer before heading to the land of nod, pick up a copy of something you enjoy, and read to your hearts content.

What do you like to do to make you feel good? I'd love to know your recommendations (especially food, just because).


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  1. Ahh absolutely love this post and your outfit is so damn cute!

    Lucy | Forever September


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