Northern Quarter.

Holy guacamole, this is one seriously overdue post.

As one of my previous uploads gave away, back towards the end of June, Matt and myself ventured to my all-time favourite City, Manchester, for Megan Ellaby's Charity Clothes Sale. Organised to raise money for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, the event was absolutely incredible, with a whopping £5,400 raised. 

If you want to know more about the day, be sure to check out my post, but during our visit, we also decided to take advantage of our surroundings and get a lil' snappy with the camera..

Tshirt: Cheap Monday
Jacket: All Saints (old style)
Skirt: Levi's
Belt: ASOS
Bag: Fjallraven Kanken
Boots: Dr. Martens

When it comes to colour, I seriously need to give myself a good old kick in the bootay. Minus my hair, the rest of my day-to-day colour palette is pretty monochrome. Totally fine, I will be the first to admit, but unless I'm sporting some form of sleek head-to-toe-black get-up, I'm starting to feel a little meh when it comes to my wardrobe.

Alas, I am making a conscious effort to (slowly but surely) pick up pieces that have a little extra somethin' somethin' going on.

*Yes, I am aware I'm saying that as I share photos of myself wearing a grey tshirt. Awkward.*

I'm not talkin' anything too out there. Unfortunately certain bold colours have a tendency to clash against my skin tone and make me appear a little... queasy. Yellow, I'm looking at you.

But the likes of pink, orange and blue, and who knows, maybe even a few prints thrown in for good measure?

For this particular outfit, however, the main pop of colour was seemingly placed upon my head, though I decided to bring a little extra light and texture to the look with this deconstructed skirt from Levi's, a.k.a. the store Matt and myself have a total lack of self-control over. Sorry, dollar.

The next, and last, flash is in the form of my beloved Fjallraven Kanken backpack. Admittedly, the 'forest green' tone isn't exactly going to win any awards for colour originality, but boy oh boy I love me that bag. I snapped it up in May and I have most definitely got my money's worth. It's already starting to look somewhat worse for wear, poor thing, but I guess that's just a testament to how useable it really is.

The All Saints Cargo Leather Jacket is also just an all around winner. I've had mine for over three years now and I still find myself reaching for it just as much as I did that day I was feeling particularly spendy.

As it's been a while since I purchased, the style of the Cargo available has naturally changed, ever so slightly. The Cargo 2.0 boasts a slightly more straight, clean cut than the original, and I guess you could say looks a little less 'grunge'? Regardless, it's a beautiful wardrobe staple and something I would recommend to everyone to have in their wardrobe, much like my trusty Dr. Martens.

Frustratingly I can't seem to find and link to the exact style, as again, they were purchased a good while back, but they have a more matte, textured finish than the classics. Oh, and once you get past the initial breaking-in stage, they are an absolute DREAM to wear. Just a thought if you're on the fence.

Are you big on sporting colour? I'd love to know your go-to shops for picking up items!

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