Six To Listen To On Spotify #4

What to listen to on Spotify

I don't know about you, but if you ask me, there's seriously nothing better than coming across new ear candy. Whether I'm in the car or at my desk, I'm pretty much tuned in to my Spotify Premium account (the best £5/£10 you will spend a month, no doubt about it).

So with that said,  I thought it was about time that I added another post to my top Spotify recommendations collection...

The Hunna
I recently saw these guys in action at Newcastle's Hit The North festival and they were 10/10. The four-piece, originally from Hertfordshire, sure know how to get a crowd going. Their *technically* self-titled album, 100 (Hunna is slang for 100), is an absolute treat if you're a lover of indie-rock. You & Me, Alive and what could be described as the ultimate two-fingers to disbelievers, We Could Be, are my personal favourites.

One of the real perks of Spotify is the 'Daily Mix' section. Fresh playlist that feature not only your go-to tunes, but a cocktail of songs you may or may not have already heard. Noah McBeth (a.k.a. NoMBe happens to be the Godson of legend, Chaka Khan, so I guess it was only inevitable that he was going to create some real gems. Wait, Letting In and Kemosable are definitely worth a play.

Dustin Tebbutt
It'd be bordering on impossible to feel anything other than chilled when listening to Dustin Tebbutt. If you're in need of a new go-to album for your next roadtrip, First Light is it. With his calming sound taking inspiration from landscapes and the changeable seasons, I'll be making sure I snap up tickets when he announces his next UK-based tour. Add The Breach, Plans and The Wolves to your listen-list, stat.

SOAK, or Bridie Monds-Watson as she's known in everyday life, rather cleverly created her on-stage name from combining her influence of soul and folk. Her vocals are an absolute pleasure to listen to and the perfect playlist choice for a relaxed eve at home. Blud, Be a noBody and Sea Creatures are simply b-e-a-utiful.

The XX
Is there a band cooler than The XX? It's unlikely. Their sound is somewhat difficult to describe, but it's safe to say they've found their own niche. Groovy, well-composed and a lil bit moody (hit up their original self-titled album for the latter). I would seeeriously love to watch them do their thing, and I'm pretty damn gutted that I missed their UK tour earlier in the year *sob*. Hit the play button on Intro, Hold On and Say Something Loving.

Looking for something a little Summery now we're into the warmer months? Coasts may well be for you. The Bristol-based band are described on Spotify as a creating 'spirited and hook-driven electro-indie' hits, which pretty much hits the nail on the head. I'm rather fond of Your Heart Starts Beating, Your Soul and Oceans.

Are you a fan of any of the above? I'd love to know any music recommendations you may have!


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