Taking 5 (Days Holiday).

I know I'm definitely not alone in thinking how incredibly important it is to sometimes take a step back from everyday life and relax. With Christmas seeming like a distant memory (8 weeks ago, in fact; how even?) last week I decided to book in a few days holiday at work and have a nice long weekend.

Matt also had the same grand idea, and with him sharing a love of the outdoors, we decided to spend a few days exploring. 

I'm going to refrain from uploading the entire catalogue of images I collated over the weekend (there's a fair few!) so I'll stick to mentioning the first destination we headed to, High Force

Just beyond the gorgeous town that is Barnard Castle, High Force waterfall is set in the most stunning location. I'll let the pictures do the talkin', but think trees, fields and all that good country stuff. 

I'd visited the waterfall once before, as a child, so frankly my memories of the place were pretty non-existent, but I'm so pleased I made the journey back as it is definitely a major treat for the eyes. It genuinely blows my mind that it's free (minus parking) to view this kind of thing, and even more so the fact that it's fairly local.

A little while back you were actually able to reach the top of the fall, however it's since been gated off to the public. Despite this, the views are still incredible! With steps down to the base, you can get pretty close up, which I would highly recommend doing. If you're keen, it might be worth checking the opening days and times, as access isn't given out of hours. 

Also, quick sidenote: no, we weren't rocking matching hoodies... Matt very kindly had an outfit change and lent me his hooded attire when things got a little chilly. 

Post-4pm and it was still light outside? Is this signs of Spring? I sure hope so.

As I mentioned, High Force is within arms reach of Barnard Castle, so we also had a brief browse of the town on our venture out. Though the castle itself was closed, you can still get a pretty good view externally which we definitely made the most of. But not before I got Matt to strike a pose or two, naturally. 

I would 100% recommend a visit to the area should you ever get the chance. There are a couple of great walks surrounding High Force which I am itching to do, especially now we're seeing a little more of the sunshine lately.

Not that I'm biased, but you should also head over to Matt's blog to read up on his thoughts on the day! You could say he's a bit of a whizz with the camera.

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