Hide and Seek.

So this is a bit of a surprise. Two blog posts from me in the space of a few days? Practically unheard of.

Over the weekend, myself and this guy I know who really digs cameras ventured out into the cold to take a few snaps. And when I say a few, I really do mean a few, as despite the evident blue sky in shot, it wasn't exactly toasty out.

Because of this, I present to you 50% of an 'outfit of the day' post. Who even looks at the bottom half anyway, right? 

I seem to just stick to wearing the same ten things from within my wardrobe, and at the moment I'm practically glued to this tartan shirt-dress from Fat Face. By ''shirt-dress'', I actually mean ''shirt'', as unlike the model on the website, I wasn't really blessed in the whole height department side of things, so it actually falls mid-thigh on me. I love me a good shirt dress though, so every cloud.

I also opted to layer up with my trusty All Saints wax denim jacket. Not quite as heavy as a leather jacket but a little more so than classic denim, it's a piece I thoroughly enjoy wearing to add a little extra somethin' somethin' to an outfit. Also it's worth noting that All Saints offer student discount, so I managed to snap up this gem for a little over £100 last year. Not too bad for a quality wardrobe staple if you ask me. 

Moving topic ever so slightly... pinch punch, first of the month. Since we're officially into the last month of the year (how even?), it wouldn't be right for me to not acknowledge Christmas. I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling pretty festive right about now, but that may be something to do with the fact we've had Jingle Bells playing in the office for the past fortnight. Just over three weeks until the big day and I'm really hoping it's not just me that's yet to start their shopping...

So there we have it, another blog post, and one that's actually shared within a week from the last. Madness.

Oh, and whilst you're on a grand endeavour of browsing the web, be sure to go and check out Matt's website. He's pretty damn great at what he does, just sayin'.

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