6 Things To Love About December.

It's right what they say. December really is the most wonderful time of the year. Since we're into the second week of the month, I think it's only right that things get a little festive round these parts, and what better way than to talk about my favourite things about the season? Rather than putting my Canon to good use, I thought I would scan in a semi-embarrassing throwback snap to go alongside. Thinking about it, I've probably grown about 3cm since this photo was taken, but who's counting.

On to the festivities...

1. The food. 
I am a self confessed foodie, so naturally this was going to come out top. Mince pies, Christmas dinner, oh, and the chocolate-shaped breakfasts of course. It's a yes from me.

2. Christmas vibes. 
This is most definitely 'a thing'. I've decorated two trees so far this year, drunk all the hot chocolate and listened to my fair share of jolly tunes, so I'm feeling pretty damn Christmassy right about now. There's just something about this time of year that I adore. People are, for the most part, jollier, there's all the markets you could possibly wish for (and then some), lights, and did I mention the food?

3. The fashion. 
I love me some knitwear, and the whole layering up thing is music to my ears, so basically Winter attire is the combination of dreams. Don't even get me started on pyjamas...

4. The music. 
I mean, c'mon, obviously. Sure, some of the covers are slightly questionable, but the classics just never get old. Bing Crosby, Chris Rea, Wham!, the list goes on. Catch me rockin' around the Christmas tree all day, errrydayy.

5. The chills.
I get two weeks off for Christmas, and holy guacamole, am I excited. 14 days of minimal alarms, chilling out with my favourite humans and watching/consuming all the things. It's gonna be a blast.

6. The fresh start.
Yup, seriously cliché, but I am one of those people that believe in the whole, 'tidy room/desk/whatever, tidy mind' motto. So to some extent, the thought of a brand new year is somewhat satisfying. I don't tend to go too crazy when it comes to the New Years resolutions side of things, but I'll have one or two stored in the back of my mind to no doubt have completely forgotten about come February.

So there we have it. A pretty generic list of my favourite happenings this time of year, but hey, I was feeling festive and my laptop was in reach. Let's blame the mince pie I just devoured.

Are you a big Christmas person? What are your favourite things about December?

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