New Hair.

Two things have happened recently that have proven (or are yet to prove...) pretty damn handy for my wee blog, and they happen to be in the shape of a WIFI update and a snazzy new laptop. Whoop. I'm not saying the previous lack of both were fully to blame when it came to my excessive blogging vacay, but let's be frank, they are somewhat essential when it comes to sharing content to the virtual world. So, great news out the way, I am here to share a post of another new 'thing': my hair.

After avoiding the hairdressers for a little too long, I decided to mix things up a tad and add a bit of colour to my locks. Being mousey brown naturally, it initially took some lifting, however I am now sporting a combination of pink and purple (after several dying attempts, I might add).

Since I was only blessed with one set of hands, I was unable to stand awkwardly and take photos of said hair. So, instead my laaarvely pal Matt helped with the latter. He also takes snaps of scenery and people with other hair colours so you should definitely travel over to his website and take a peek for yourself if you enjoy a good visual treat.

Are you a fan of experimenting with hair dye? I'd love to know your brand recommendations!

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