Whitby Goth Weekend 2015.

Yep, so before you click off, no, you didn't misread the headline, this post is focused on the topic of Goth Weekend, but in true Bryony style, I choose to open with a shot of food. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, I really, really dig food. And second of all? I don't wanna scare any beauty loving peeps off my wee blog with a shot of a creepy looking character next to a not so creepy shot of a Lush bath bomb... 

Moving on. Last weekend I took a little trip into the seaside town of Whitby to witness Goth Weekend in all its glory. Considering I live pretty nearby, I'm normally busy/working/elsewhere on the two days so I never really get the chance to visit. This year however, my schedule come Saturday lunchtime was completely clear, so off we trotted...

We were hungry, so our first stop was The Moon & Sixpence. Having our wits about us, we booked a table in advance, which turned out to be a very wise move as it.was.packed. It was my first visit to the restaurant which happens to be right on the harbour-side of Whitby, and is the perfect spot to take in the view and people watch (fyi, if you're not feeling peckish, it also doubles as a bar).

To start, I went for Pulled-Pork Nachos followed by a rather tasty Chicken Burger in a Brioche Bun with plenty of Guacamole (a.k,a, my favourite thing in the world). A Brownie was also consumed, but eaten so fast that I, er, kinda forgot to take a photo beforehand (yeah, yeah, bad blogger, I know). Overall it was a lovely meal and I'd highly recommend a visit on your next venture to the town. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the decor of this splendid venue? Like, what restaurant is complete without a fake cow head on the wall? 

Once we'd filled up, it was time to explore...

If you've ever seen Goth Weekend in the flesh, you'll know that it's a manic, vibrant and generally crazy couple of days. People seriously go to town with their costumes and it's obviously a great thing for the businesses around the area. Due to the mass of crowds taking pictures (with the additional factor of being a shorty), it was a little difficult getting a good shot of all the action (and outfits!), however if you've come here looking to see a teeny dog in its very own Halloween costume, you've sure come to the right place! The same can also be said for a pair of fake vampire babies.... as you do. Also, apologies these photos suck so bad *see above excuse*...

Of course, what Halloween-themed post would be complete without a shot of a creepy clown and some balloons, right?

As the photos show, it was packed with tourists, goths and of course, the locals, however I'd totally suggest heading over to Whitby next year to see Goth Weekend for yourself - I had a blast!

Have you ever been to Whitby? Would you be tempted to visit for next year's Halloween celebration?

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