9 Things To Love About A/W.

Oh Autumn, you beautiful season you. Whilst it may have been around for a few (fast flying) weeks now, I can't seem to get over my love for the colourful period. But it does indeed get better. Winter is fast approaching meaning it's officially time to whip out the mince pies and start counting down to Christmas! I jest, but I thought it might be nice to upload a lil post covering my favourite things about the A/W seasons...

Falling leaves. 
Not only is it so darn pretty to look at, but the Autumnal red carpet also makes for the perfect 'from above' Instagram shot. Just make sure you don't slip over...

ALL the knitted things.
Admittedly it's not been the coldest Autumn of all time, but I'm all for a bit of layering. Jumpers and cardigans, hats and gloves, you know the drill. I picked up a b-e-a-utiful dark grey (shocker, I know) scarf from Hobbs last year and I'm just waiting 'till it's chilly enough to sport it. 

Starbucks Christmas drinks.
Oh yes, it's time to get real excited boys and girls! As I'm writing this, the range has literally just been released for us all to enjoy, so by the time this post goes live on my blog the charm may have worn off a little? Who am I kidding, #redcups all the way. (p.s. hashtag this over on Twitter for the cutest festive emoji, yeah?). 

Christmas shopping.
So since things have turned seriously festive, I can't not mention Christmas shopping. I love love love buying presents for my nearest and dearest, and, all but my Dad (he's the trickiest person to buy for, like, ever) I think I've got it nailed. Not to toot my own horn, of course. Now we're quite a way into November, it's about time that I started to think about what I'm gonna snap up this time round...

Comforting festive food and drink.
Yep, I already shared my love for Starbucks' latest menu, but when it comes to mulled wine, mince pies and hearty dishes, I'm seriously all ears. Not so great for my waistline, but YOLO and all that jazz.

Long country walks.
Living in the countryside, I'm fortunate enough to be able to partake in this whenever I choose, but despite this, the appeal never goes away. A long walk in the fresh crisp air followed by a movie night (with the above cuisine?) in front of the cosy fire is perhaps the perfect day (in my eyes).

A/W makeup.
Duh. Being a beauty blogger, I'm obviously going to mention some form of seasonal makeup, and what better than a deep berry lip? If you're looking for the perfect shade to rock this yourself, head to my Pixi post, here

Candles and fairy lights.
Ok, so I may or may not have these dotted round my room all year round, but surely A/W is the perfect excuse to stock up on some new fragrances? The White Company is my go-to store for this kind of things, and I will forever continue to repurchase the brand's Winter scent

Lush bath bombs.
Finally, if you're new around these parts, you probably won't know of my serious love for all things Lush. Though I'm entirely devastated about the lack of Hot Toddy this time round, I've still managed to find a few (understatement) bits and bobs from the Christmas range that I'm hooked on. If you fancy reading up on that, head here and here, but if not, get your butt onto the Lush website for yourself, stat.

Are you a fan of A/W? What are your favourite aspects of the two seasons?

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  1. I love Autumn Winter...especially wearing boots and a dark lip!


  2. This cheered me up! I like wearing dark nail polish and treating myself to hot chocolate/mince pies. :)

    Heidi || http://heidilaur.blogspot.co.uk


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