The Percy Arms, Northumberland.

A few weeks back I paid a little visit to Northumberland. One of my first visits to the area, I wanted a cosy retreat to snuggle up in following my adventures. The Percy Arms is a newly renovated hotel, restaurant and pub in the tranquil village of Chatton. Surrounded by country land, it's the perfect proximity to the surrounding areas, and, as my photos show, a serious treat. Frankly, as delicious as the food was (I highly recommend staying over the weekend to enjoy the Sunday dinner - though sadly it seems I was too greedy to take photographic evidence), I think I'd stay again for the amazing roll-top bathtub alone. But enough rambling, time to get started with this (extremely) picture-heavy post...

I sorta kinda need this dressing table in my life? Surprise surprise, a cheeky little appearance from my all-time favourite book, Skin Cleanse (expect a full review real soon).

As if the seriously snuggly bed and Bari Tea selection wasn't enough, I need to address something else.... the bathroom. Oh.my.days. As I said before, I think I would have returned for the bathroom alone, but when you throw in Neal's Yard toiletries for good measure, it's practically a done deal, no?

The bad ass bath rack not only stored said Neal's Yard goodies, but a dedicated space for a book and a glass of wine. Basically the perfect scenario right there and I'm now frantically on the hunt to find one for my bathroom (please spill if you know where you can snap one up!).

If you happen to be more of a shower person, however, you'd be sorted too, but if we're being entirely honest here, you'd be daft not to set foot in that bathtub. 

Now, since we're on the topic of chilling out, let's quickly mention the whole beauty/pamper side of things. If you like the look of this above set up, head here for the 411, stat.

Of course, I couldn't spend my entire stay in the bath *sad face*, so being so close to the coastal town of Bamburgh, we naturally had to go and have a peek at what it had to offer. Just look at that view!

We said hello to some seriously cute (and brave!) seals via boat ride...

... after a long walk on the stunning beach, of course.

Do you like the look of The Percy Arms? Have you ever been to Northumberland? What areas would you recommend checking out for my next visit?

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  1. Your room looks amazing - so nice that they had Neal's Yard products too!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Right? Hotels with good toiletries get a major thumbs up from me haha! x

  2. Oh my goodness, THAT BATHROOM! How cute are the little Neal's Yard minis and loose leaf tea selection! x

    Always, Alice


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