The Beauty Brands Worth Investing In (& What To Buy) #2

So aloha and welcome to part two of this beauty-themed post - I was originally going to just limit it to one, but frankly, it turned a little too wordy for my liking. If you fancy checking out the first, head here to read-up on some seriously awesome skin and haircare treats, but if not, stay tuned for a good 'ol beauty chat.

S&G are a gal's one-stop-shop for makeup, skin, body and suncare. Yep, basically, they do the lot, and by golly, do they do it well. My first dabble with  the brand was unsurprisingly their classic, Righteous Body Butter, and since then I've been hooked. Affordable, high-quality, and delightfully scented. Oh, and don't even get my started on the packaging...
What to buy: Girligo Body Moisturising Mist for fuss-free, silky skin, Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF50+ for high sun protection and Clean On Me Shower Gel, just because.

Balance Me.
A blogger and celebrity favourite, the Balance Me brand is well worth a try if you like natural, sophisticated products. I first tried my hand last year with their Radiance Face Oil, and both myself and my skin were pretty damn pleased. Again, their products are also tip-top when it comes to the whole scent department.
What to buy: The Radiance Face Oil for a nourished, clear complexion (review here), Radiance Face Mask to brighten and cleanse, and the Super Moisturising Body Oil for silky skin.

Arran Aromatics.
Thanks to many holidays in Scotland throughout the years, I've developed a serious addiction to all Arran Aromatics products. Based on the Isle of Arran (just in case the name didn't give it away), the brand crafts together everything from skincare and scrubs, to candles and bath oils, all lovingly handmade at the company's home farm. Lovely stuff.
What to buy: The Sandalwood & Lavender Bath Oil for a soothing, sleep-inducing soak, Pure Shampoo thanks to its gentle, and beautifully scented formula, and Apothecary Aloe Vera Soap to clean 'yo self.

Liz Earle.
The Liz Earle brand is a bit of a classic in the beauty industry, and I guess that could be down to the fact the products are so darn awesome. I've been using the brand for a long time now - even so much to get the 2013 Advent Calender (it was bad ass) - and I always go back for more. Check out my various L.E themed posts, here.
What to buy: I'm sure it's gonna come as no surprise that I'm gonna recommend the Cleanse & Polish right about now. Wondering why? Click here. The Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion is also a godsend for sore, puffy peepers and the Healthy Glow Cream Blush for a hint of dewy glow - that's right, LE rocks the makeup side of things, too.

I like to think of ESPA as the Chanel of the beauty world. Sure, their products aren't half as pricey, but boy are they luxurious. I've featured them quite a few times on the 'ol blog (check here), and I always look forward to the days I reach for their skin-shaped treats. The packaging, the formulas, the scents - so damn dreamy it hurts.
What to buy: So if you fancy treating yourself to a luxury beauty treat, make sure it's the Optimal Skin ProSerum. Rub the oil all over your body, sit back and pretend you're at a spa. Whilst you're at it, you may as well throw some skincare into the mix, perhaps with the Optimal Skin ProCleanser - a.k.a. one of the best out there.

So there we have it, a (not so) speedy round up of the crème de la crème beauty brands and products. What are your favourite, go-to brands to use? Do you have any that you would recommend?


  1. Every brand you have mentioned I want to try more from. I'd add Sunday Riley onto this list though!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

    1. I'm glad to hear that Kat :) Ohhh don't tempt me with that one hehe! The Luna Oil looks right up my street x

  2. I love this post! I've been meaning to try Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for ages now, but I do worry I'll get hooked and want it all ;)

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

    1. Thanks so much Claire! Cleanse & Polish is such a skincare staple I'd definitely, definitely recommend it x


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