Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore.

If you follow me over on Instagram (or even just my blog - come follow me here!), you'll know that I am a huge, huge lover of this book. Over recent months, my skin has been pretty darn temperamental to say the least, what with final year University and experimenting with various skincare, so, after hearing about the goddess that is Adina Grigore online, I hunted high and low for her debut book, Skin Cleanse until finally, it was mine. *hint hint, wink wink, I ordered it into store from Waterstones*

After overcoming her own complexion battle, Adina released her own range of soothing lotions and potions by the name of, S.W Basics of Brooklyn. UK guys and gals can snap up the good stuff here, and US beauty-buffs, head to the official site, here. Recognising a gap in the market, Adina released Skin Cleanse back in February to tell her skincare tale and how she managed to overcome it.

I mean, c'mon, could Adina be any cooler? I think not. ^^^

Covering everything from diet and labels to 'skin types' and of course, the skin cleanse itself, it's up there as one of my all-time favourite reads. Unlike many beauty books, rather than giving you (frankly) boring, direct orders, it instead gives tips and tricks in the most engaging, lighthearted and hilarious way. Adina clearly understands that throwing your entire beauty stash into the depths of the bin is a scary and perhaps, costly procedure, however she also promises that doing so is likely to transform the way you and your skin feel (and of course, look). With pages of skin and body care recipes to get stuck into, filling your cupboard with her recommended ingredients leaves you in complete control. 

Diet wise, the book also emphasizes the importance of internal and external health. It really is true that what you put into your body shows on the outside, and, thanks to the food diary section in Skin Cleanse, you'll quickly be able to understand the foods that perhaps aren't quite agreeing with you.

Just look at the snazzy illustrations kitted throughout the book. So cool.

Now when it comes to the actual skin cleanse (the ''guts'' of the book, as Adina puts it), things get real interesting. Categorised into three different levels, they're all essentially designed to push the 'reset' button on your skin. Ever tried to cut out your entire routine for twenty-four hours? I'm talkin' skincare, makeup, the lot. Well, if you accept level two of the challenge, that'll soon change. Level one is more of a quick fix, for gals and guys that can't bare to part with their products but want to see improvements in their skin. Add in one, maybe two of the home-made products presented in the book for three days. Finally, we have level three. Level three is seriously hardcore. The ''cold turkey version or beauty rehab'', as the book claims. Wave buh-bye to all (yes, all) your products, for a three to fourteen day period. Sure, it may be tough, and slightly less convenient, but doing so will give your body the detox it longs for, resulting in a glowing, clear complexion.

As well as being informative and humorous, Skin Cleanse really is just a great, great book. I certainly can't lie and say I've cut ties on my entire beauty regime, but slowly but surely I'm working to clamp down on my products that include the major ingredient 'no-nos'. Plus, I kinda think making your own cleanser/moisturiser/mask from scratch is pretty therapeutic, no?

If you're going through a bit of a mare with your complexion, or perhaps in the market for a new (awesome) beauty read, I would highly recommend picking up Skin Cleanse. I think I'm going to upload a few posts with my thoughts on the various beauty recipes within the book, so be sure to keep checking back for those!

Have you read Skin Cleanse? Would you be willing to cut out your beloved products in favour of the natural stuff?

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