Six to listen to on Spotify #2

Sometimes, in between my mascara and lipstick rambles, I like to mix it up a little and talk about other, lifestyle themed topics. Today my friends, it's all about Spotify. You may remember my post earlier in the summer sharing the deets on my favourite bands and singing souls, so allow me to present to you, part deux...

Pronounced 'Paris', these guys will seriously rock your socks off. Or at least, they do mine. If you're a fan of Paramore, you'll no doubt dig this group thanks to the similar vibe they've got goin' on. Lynn Gunn is a mega babe with a mega voice to match, makin' Fire and St. Patrick two of my favourite tunes. Go listen at once.

Bob Marley.
Because who doesn't love a bit of Bob Marley in their life? Shame on you if you put your hand up. Bob's delightful songs could be compared to a happy hug for your ears, no? I always feel a little giddy after listening to Three Little Birds. 

General Fiasco.
I've been a fan of GF for a long time now. Sadly, they are no more, but I was lucky enough to see them play back in '11 - they were rad, in case you were wondering. Empty Cases, We Are The Foolish and Sinking Ships are all well worth a listen. Their Irish accents also naturally make it a real treat for the old ears.

Jack Johnson.
More happy tunes, this time courtesy of Mr Jack Johnson. If summery, light-hearted music is your thing, listen up. Banana Pancakes, Good People and Better Together are pretty special.

The Bamboos.
Mix funk, soul and serious groove into a musical pot, and what do you have? The Bamboos of course. These guys are seriously badass and I can't help but play On the Sly and I Got Burned 5000 times in a row. Basically, the band are just all kinds of awesome. 

Does it really get much better than Sterophonics? Songs like Dakota and Have a Nice Day have got me itching to go see them on their Autumn UK tour...

So there we have it, my Spotify-themed mix-up #2. Do you use Spotify? What are your favourite bands and musicians to listen to? Head over here to read up on my first post!

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