What's In My Handbag.

'What's in my handbag' posts are something I really enjoy reading. Your one stop shop for on-the-go stationary, miscellaneous and most of all, makeup inspo - what's not to love? I typed one up a little while ago (check here for the deets), and whilst I still have (and adore!) my Mulberry Alexa, I've since mixed things up, so what better excuse to write a new one, no?

Naturally I'm gonna start with my handbag of choice, courtesy of Mango. I've been seriously impressed with their summer collection, and this little gem is no exception. Sure, it may not be the biggest bag in the world, but it definitely stops me cramming in everything I own - which is something I am guilty of doing. It's also worth noting that I was feeling particularly experimental when snapping it up, as I really do have a distinct lack of black in my wardrobe, *detect the sarcasm*.

Having the memory of a goldfish, a notepad is an everyday essential. If I don't jot it down, basically, it's forgotten. Major bummer, but this lovely A6 one is a Paperchase purchase, with its finishing, Dymo  touches making it look rather snazzy if I do say so myself.

Next up, my purse. My second Mulberry love, and again, something that is both practical aaand pretty. Both the zip and notes sections make it pretty damn handy, and there's plenty'a space to pop in all those important cards *cough, nandos loyalty card, cough*. 

I've got all the boring stuff like tissues, bobbles and headache tablets. plus, a very exciting bottle of Dr. Bronner's hand sanitizer. Organic, lavender scented and a spritz bottle - can we get a round of applause for this very invention? Who knew hand sanitizer could be so darn awesome. I've wrapped up the lot in a cozy little display, with a further round of applause for Anna for inspiring me to do so. Anything that can save me some space in my bag is definitely worth noting.

My iPhone and earphones are a given, alongside my Topshop sunnies to protect my peepers from the constant sunshine. 

Beauty wise, I'm still pretty much exclusive to the Nuxe Reve De Miel lipbalm, and have been reaching for my mini tube of ESPA's Energising Body Lotion to hydrate my hands when I'm out and about. On most days you'll find my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, Clarins Instant Concealer and Mac Pink Plaid lipstick, stuffed inside my Deena & Ozzy makeup bag, but more on that in my upcoming daily makeup post.

So there we have it, my bag has been thoroughly emptied and now all that's left to do is put it all back in again...

What's your current handbag of choice? What do you like to keep in yours?


  1. My handbag is so boring compared to the cute minis you have in yours. My current hand bag is my Michael Kors, that I bought in Orlando last year, and haven't used a different one since. Love it so much! :)

    1. I love me a good mini! Totally agree that investing in a nice bag is the way to go - they only seem to get better over time too :) x


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