Five Things Blogging Has Taught Me.

So it's been a few years since I decided to pay a visit to blogger.com and set up my own page, and over that time I've learnt quite a lot to say the least. For today's post I thought I would type up a light-hearted post sharing several things running a blog has taught me. Hope you enjoy!

Taking a shot of your food needn't be frowned upon.
Alrighty, so it might not be entirely normal, but since starting up this wee blog I've come to realise that snapping a few cheeky shots of your (and your companions) burger/coffee/cake before gobbling it all down ain't all that weird. The same sadly can't be said by stated companion *death stares erry time*.

Going into Boots for cotton pads and coming out £20 poorer is only inevitable (kinda).

Same with Lush, but why is exactly is it so hard to avoid the makeup and Soap & Glory aisle? Goddamn those tempting haul videos makin' me wanna try all the good stuff.

It's a lot more work than you might initially think.
Running a blog involves a lot of time and hard work - like duh. I guess it can be quite a surprise just how much - especially for peeps with additional YouTube/vlogging channels. Planning, typing, photography, editing, emails, layout - all alongside your career/life. It definitely teaches you bad ass time management skills and is such an amazing thing to be proud of. I'm not even a full time blogger or everyday poster but I never knew how big a part the blogging world would be in my 'lil life - I can't remember the last time I had a day without scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed?

Constant wish list - need I say no more?
Talkin' 'bout haul videos, running a blog generally sits hand in hand with reading blogs = serious cloth and makeup lustin'.

It's essentially an online portfolio.
As I mentioned above, your blog shows off your writing, your photography, your editing skills, and of course, your personality. It gives brands and potential employers the chance to get a feel for you, and it's definitely something you wanna be popping on the 'ol CV. I used to be quite embarrassed about telling people that I have a blog (?) but thinkin' about it, why should anyone feel that way - all the girls and guys turning it into a full time thing and working for amazing opportunities - blogging is such a rad thing to be involved in. 

So there we have it, just a few things my beauty 'n' fashion themed space on the internet has taught me. There's definitely plenty more but these are just located at the top of my head!

What things has blogging taught you? Are you a fellow coffee snapping, Boots hauling human?


  1. I completely agree with this. I've finally started blogging properly - as in consistently - and organisation has become my best friend. I liked to think I was organised before but blogging organisation alongside full time work is another level! And my wishlist couldn't be any longer right now...

    Paige | www.taketwentyone.couk

    1. It's definitely necessary to have 1000 notebooks on the go right?! Blogging definitely gets your time keeping into shape! x

  2. So true! I sometimes feel it's like another part time job (although unpaid lots of opportunities)

    1. Absolutely! So many awesome opportunities to be had through having your own lil space on the web x


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