Beauty & Fashion Haul.

I've never done a haul post before, however over the past couple of months I've picked up a few bits I think are well worth talking about. Allow me to show y'all my latest shopping trip additions...

If I'm feeling spendy, more often than not it'll be for beauty products. However, I recently made an ASOS order and picked up a couple of pieces to add to my wardrobe. 

Dugarees are huge this season, and they're of course, pretty darn snazzy too, so I thought I'd pick up a pair for myself. In true Bryony fashion, I snapped them up in black, with rips, naturally. I can't seem to find a direct link to them on the site anymore, however they're just a pretty standard pair you can get similar from the likes of Topshop and H&M etc. Being a short gal, I opted for the shorts alternative, and I love them.

I also purchased this rather delightful pair of zip front ankle boots by the name of 'Remind Me'. Whilst they're lovely to look at, if you're tempted, then I gotta say... beware. These babies should come with a warning as they absolutely destroy your feet. Seriously, wave buh-bye to your skin when you wear these the first few times. I don't know if my feet have since adapted since owning the boots, but I'm grateful to say this is no longer the case... as long as I'm sporting plasters.

Speaking of shoes, I also snapped up a new pair from Jeffrey Campbell. Slightly different than my last from the brand (remember the 2011/2 blogger must-haves?), the Bo Duke's have that whole, ugly-but-awesome thing going on. Admittedly, they're about as comfy as the ASOS pair, but aren't they just glorious?!

I have a serious obsession with plaid shirts. If I'm honest, I think it's becoming a bit of an issue. To rectify this, I purchased a khaki military shirt, because, what better way, right? This one from New Look is perfect for everyday wear, and even better, it's now in the sale if you like the look of it for yourself. £17? Bargain.

Ok, so I dig Ben & Jerry's way too much to sport this without a high-wasted partner, but I recently snapped up this simple white sleeved crop from Topshop. Ripped jeans, a plaid shirt round the waist (obvs) and you're good to go.

Fashion aside, it's time to talk beauty...

I mentioned this product in my recent empties post and it's one of my all time favourites. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is amazing stuff. Check out my empties post for a more in-depth review, but basically, it removes makeup and leaves your skin soft and refreshed. Naughty me for getting stuck in before taking a photograph first...

I also replaced my beloved Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, y'know just because. This is such a summer essential. It waters down heavy-duty foundations and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. Genius.

More for the skincare stash, we have Lush's Mask of Magnaminty. From finishing my Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Mask, I was in need of a replacement, and where better to look, but Lush. This smells, well, think mint choc ice cream and you're sold, no? I'm still undecided if I prefer it to the Sanctuary offering, but nonetheless, it does a brilliant job at cleaning those pores. Also, it tastes great too. Did I just say that?

So my lovely Mum kindly picked this one up for me recently, and it happens to be my first dabble with Clarins makeup. Like The Body Shop's Vitamin E Mist, the Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in shade 03 has quickly earned a place in my season must-haves. For those no-makeup makeup days (basically me erryday) this is ideal. 

Finally it's all about Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean Shower Butter. It kind of reminds me of the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser, except this smells like cake, so I know which one I prefer... The product cleans and moisturises your skin in one, meaning you have more time to do other important day-to-day tasks such as boogieing on down to Justin Bieber. Yes, I do that.

Damn, now I can see why hauls are so popular on YouTube videos. I hope you enjoyed this essay and if you have any recommendations as to what you think I should pick up on my next shopping trip, feel free to holla and lemme know!


  1. Damn those shoes are pretty! Just a tip, when I got my Doc Martens they destroyed my feet too, but then I decided to break them in by just wearing them while pottering about in the house, after a while they softened and now they're fine :)

  2. Absolutely love those ASOS boots - they look worth the pain ;)

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

  3. Love your haul! I love the Vitamin E range and adore those open toed boots!

    Laura | www.laurahadley.co.uk ♥ xx

    1. Thanks Laura! I've been so impressed with The Body Shop the past few months x


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