Twenty-Five Things To Be Happy About.

It's the little things in life, right? Those days when everything is going pear shaped, it's good to remind yourself just how fortunate you are, and take a second to think about those small, but great little things. I thought I'd type up a wee post discussing a few that happen pretty regularly, if not daily, on this glorious, glorious planet of ours.

So turn that frown upside down, grab a delightful cup of green tea, and read on...

1. Fresh bedding, cos, like, duh?!
2. The sound of birds.
3. Hearing your favourite song on the radio.
4. Sunny days.
5. The sound of rain when you're indoors.
6. Checking off everything on your to-do list.
7. The smell of freshly cut grass.
8. The smell of a new book.
9. Finding money in your jean back pocket. *winning*
10. When someone smiles at you (no way of wording that without sounding way creepy, but it's true)
11. The moment you realise things are never as bad as you imagine them to be.
12. Your favourite food on the menu at a new restaurant you're trying.
13. When a child makes you something (...and when you look back at them years later. Lil sisters are the best, right?)
14. Puppies/bunnies/basically, just all the animals - obvs.
15. Receiving a compliment
16. Completing a task well ahead of time.
17. Spontaneous plans.
18. Making new friends.
19. The feeling you get when you've helped someone. 
20. The smell of rain.
21. When a parent tells you they're proud.
22. Flowers blooming.
23. Getting an exciting package in the mail.
24. Fresh air.
25. A good cup of tea/coffee.

If you fancy some more happy content on this fine Friday, check out my recent 10 simple (and free) ways to feel happier post.

What things make you happy?


  1. Totally agree with almost all of them. My favourite being the sound of rain when I'm indoors, can't beat it!


  2. Yes yes yes to all of these! I had fresh bedding yesterday and it always helps me to sleep better, can't beat it :) Checking everything off my to-do list is very satisfying too xx



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