The Addiction Is Real: Pinterest.

So admittedly not the most exciting of posts, but today I'm here to share the deets on my current obsession...

Actually, scrap that, this post is in fact very exciting as I'm talking all things Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest. The one stop shop for inspiration. Beauty, fashion, interiors, food. You know the drill, this bad boy caters to all our image-shaped needs. I've had an account set up for a little while now, but it's only recently (since waving buh-bye to my degree I now have spare time, y'know) that I've truly developed a deep love for the site.

In this time, I've also begun to really appreciate a delightful crisp flat lay... Am I alone in this?

Pinterest is the land of beauty and fashion dreams. You will be left with either a serious girl crush or a shopping list the length of your arm. I can guarantee it.

As well as a good sprinkling of wanderlust snaps...

... there's also images like this...

(check out Elmo's face)

If you're a fellow Pinterest addict, head over to my account 'bryonydodds' for more picture-shaped treats.

Are you a fan of Pinterest? I'd love to check out your profiles so link me up below!

*top image from here*


  1. Oh man, I love Pinterest. I definitely wish I could spend more time on it than I do! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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