Where have I been...?

Ok, so unfortunately, I'm initiating a second post with 'long time no blog'. Bad. Times.

You may  have noticed a slight absence from me in the virtual land of blogger, so I think I owe it to you to both explain, and show why my blog has sucked the past eight weeks.

Final year of University has been entirely crrrrazy. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so the past two months of balancing the production of a magazine alongside a part-time job has left zero time for blogging. Frankly, I don't think my poor laptop could have handled anymore use...

My Final Major Project focused around a self-directed brief. For this, I set myself the rather challenging task of single-handedly producing an extensive, bi-monthly magazine. Titled Jolie, (that's French for pretty) I discovered a niche for a publication focused around embellishment. Based around beauty and accessories, Jolie's aim was to allow consumers to change up their look without the need for sourcing new, entire outfits. 

As already mentioned, darn, it was one hell of a challenge, but a challenge I loved nonetheless. A cocktail of content production, reports, InDesign layout and a diary the size of my dissertation - it's safe to say I enjoyed a good night's sleep on Wednesday.

So, rambling aside, I present to you a few sneaky pages of my magazine...

Now, I can't publish this post without a ginormous thanks to the amazing people and brands that helped me with interviews and advertisements within my magazine. 

Caryn Franklin, Layla-Anna Lee, Danny Defreitas, Benefit's Rema Gouyez and Fiona Deffenbaugh from the beautiful Black Pearl Jewellery. Amazing, detailed and fun interviews.

Print advertisements were also a major part of my magazine, so again, I am eternally grateful to the below companies for helping me out:

- & Beauty Crowd, who were kind enough to create an advertisement exclusively for Jolie. Big love.

Finally, a major part of my deadline was obviously the printing aspect. Though I've used a few printing companies throughout my four-year degree, Exactis Interactive in York are without a doubt, the best. Despite my numerous phone calls and emails with print-related enquires, they were always willing to help me out, resulting in the magazine outcome I am oh-so happy with. Whilst the entire team are totally kickass, Geri in particular was a super star when it came to any issues I had. I would highly recommend using the company if you're looking to professionally print. 

I think I should probably stop typing now as this has transformed into some kind of Oscar acceptance speech..?

Anyhow, the above highlights my blog absence, which, with only one degree deadline remaining, is something which should now be a thing of the past (huzzah!). I have a mountain of products and topics to blog about, so I guess I best get started, no?

Hope you like my magazine!


  1. Wow well done, it looks so professional! Final year is crazy, hope you can sit back and relax a bit now!

    Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie, I'm thrilled you think so! :) x


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