10 Simple (& Free) Ways To Feel Happier.

Speaking as a (soon to be ex) degree student, I happen to know that we're currently in the midst of exam and deadline season. Whilst this matter means the summer months are drawing closer, (can I get a hell yeah!) it also means having your head stuck in a text book/eyes glued to a laptop screen 90% of the time. No fun. 

So, with this in mind, I thought I'd write up a little post talking about a few things I like to do in those stressful life moments. Of course, if the whole student scenario doesn't directly relate to you, you can still go on ahead and give them a try for yourself - I guarantee they'll leave you feeling a whole lot happier. 

1. Sleep, sleep and more sleep.
I am so guilty of not getting enough sleep. Whether it's working into the early hours, or watching one too many episodes of Gossip Girl, (or six, y'know) you suddenly look at the clock at it's 1:30am. Crap. Completely self inflicted, but a very easy thing to get into the habit of. 

Instead, saying buh-bye to Chuck Bass and co at 10pm and dedicating the rest of your evening to a good read or soak in the bath, and both your under eyes and brain will be thanking you the following morning... I find switching off my phone around this time also stops any late-night Twitter scrolling sessions. 

2. Exercise.
Have you ever regretted working out? Didn't think so.

Sure, the cliche, boring, 'exercise makes you happier' statement, but seriously, it really does. Having handed in all but one of my final uni deadlines, I can now dedicate some time each day to this and I always feel so much happier afterwards. Endorphins people!

Don't waste your cash on an overpriced gym membership, (unless you have to, of course) instead get yourself outdoors and soak up the fresh air. Yes, you may look like a complete moron and rake in a few funny looks in the process, but yolo and all that jazz, right? Not only will you feel happier from exercising, but over time you'll tone up and loose a few pounds; subsequently boosting the old self-esteem.

(image from Pinterest)
3. Go outdoors.
No, not the store, although they do stock a truly marvellous array of waterproofs...

I'm instead referring to the place where birds flock (see above). On the days where the sun shines, take advantage. Chill in the garden, go for a walk - you know the drill. It gets dark at around 9pm now so you ain't go no excuse yo. *insert tongue face emoji*. Just be sure to slather on the SPF and make way for the freckles that will soon be on your face. Looking like a cabbage patch kid is sooo 2015 don't you know.

4. Pamper yourself.
A little TLC never hurt nobody. A few nights a week, focus on giving yourself a major head-to-toe pamper. Paint your nails, put on a hair/face mask, maybe even apply some false tan if that's your thing. I guarantee doing will leave you feeling like a new woman. You could even add to the fun factor and make your own treatments. Homemade chocolate face mask? Yes puurlease.

5. Hang with your gal-pals.
Life can often get in the way, so making the time to have a serious catch up with your buddies every couple of weeks will leave you feeling awesome. Combine this with steps 3 and 4 and you've got yourself one great day.

(meet  my pup, George)

6. Cuddle your pet.
Need I say anymore? 

7. Rock your favourite outfit.
Hell yes to this. Days when you're feeling poop, throw on that getup that makes you feel like Beyonce. Whether it's a ball gown or a simple jeans and tee combo, own it girlfriend!

(image from Pinterest

8. Alter your diet.
Ok, so this technically may involve a little bit of money dependent on the contents of your fridge, but swapping that Kit Kat for a handful of strawberries is definitely a good thing. Reserving chocolates and sweeties as an occasional treat will ensure you enjoy them more when you do indulge. 

9. Smile more.
Now I ain't saying waltz round grinning 24/7, but we all know that smiling is infectious. 'Turn that frown upside down' is a well-known phrase for a reason... Cheesy, but true.

(image from Pinterest

10. Positive thinking.
Maybe I've saved the best till last, who knows, but positive thinking is a fast track way to a happier you. Darn, it can be bloody hard when you're not loving life, but it really does work. I always find viewing things in a positive way actually helps to achieve a more positive outcome.  

Trying to view the positives in every situation (good and bad) is a great thing to get into the habit of. Keeping a diary, noting a list of things you are grateful of is another fantastic way to boost your mood.


So there we have it, a handful of simple and completely free ways to boost your mood. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, give them a try and see how you get on.

Do you do any of the above? What improves your mood?

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  1. Going outdoors is a big one for me. I get happy just by sitting outside & hearing the birds sing. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Yes! I completely agree with you there Carmen, nothing better x

  2. Going outdoors is a big one for me. I get happy just by sitting outside & hearing the birds sing. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. Exercise and going outdoors definitely makes me happier. It's the little things!

    Laura | www.laurahadley.co.uk


    1. You're so right Laura! All completely free and completely awesome x

  4. I always forget that sleep plays such a important part, but I feels miles better after a good night!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I'm exactly the same! It's so easy to get into a bad routine with sleep x


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