Happy New Year! & Resolutions

A huge huge Happy New Year all you lovely blog reading humans. The festive season has been and gone, and now it's time to begin 2015 with a fresh beginning and outlook. I'm starting the year with a more personal post, sharing a few of my resolutions and goals for the twelve months ahead. 

Last year had it's ups and downs, was primarily centered around my placement year, and come the Autumn, focused on the beginning of my final year of University. However, without sounding completely and utterly cringe, I'm hopeful to say 2015 marks the start of a new beginnings, being the year I'm due to graduate, and hopefully, start a kickass career somewhere within the beauty/fashion industry. One can dream, right?

I have a number of resolutions for the year ahead, predominantly directed around self-improvement, hard work, and the slightly less major change, to stop biting my nails...


+   I hope to improve and grow my little space on the internet, uploading high quality, enjoyable content on a more regular basis. Also, thanks to Santa's much-appreciated gift of a brand spankingly new lens, I'm eager to make a total jerk of myself and join the world of YouTube. Let's see how that one goes. Finally, continuing with my bloggy-shaped resolutions, I plan to take my blog to the next level with my own site domain.

+   Now I'm onto the year I graduate (amagad), I'm determined to graft my teeny socks off even more with my University work, and hopefully complete with a degree I can be be totally overjoyed with. With only seven(ish) months to go, my time in education is rather scarily, rather excitingly, soon to end, so I'm determined to do the best I can.

+   Carrying on from this, from completing my degree, I hope to step onto the career ladder, whether that being in relation to my degree subject of fashion journalism, or blogging. Living in the middle of the countryside, this may require a slight relocation, however a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do and all that malarkey.

+   Say yes more. The majority of the time in life, opportunities don't come your way unless you work your ass off for them, however whenever said opportunities do occur, I'm determined to say yes more (within reason, of course!).

+   This year I'm keen to become a more positive, confident, and resultantly, happier person. As I rather cheesily said earlier, 2015 brings with it a fresh start, therefore negativity was waved buh-bye to as the clock struck twelve this morning, and optimistic thoughts only, begin now.

+   I'm also determined to get back into shape, eat less chocolate and tone up. I have definitely over-indulged over the festive season, and feeling a little like a Christmas turkey has left me keen to step on a treadmill.

+   A new year = a new hairstyle. I cut my hair into a bob at the end of the Summer, however it's now grown out and is far too long for my liking, so it's about time I booked myself in for a re-style.

So as you can see, a fair few resolutions for me this year. Sure, I may not quit nibbling my nails or gorging on Oreos, but my number one aim for 2015 is to be happier and more positive. 

Have you made many resolutions for the twelve months ahead? Whether you have or not, I wish you a wonderful, sparkly and overall awesome 2015. It's gonna be a good'n.

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