Bill's York Restaurant Review

Being a massive foodie, I pretty much leap with excitement when I come across a restaurant I've been wanting to try. Yes, I'm aware that's basically code for fat-ass, however when I noticed Bill's had joined the city of York, you can hardly blame me, right? I'd heard rumours about Bill's from various sources, bloody good rumours, however the real tipping point for me was when it popped up on one of Vivianna's vlogs. NOM - I was sold, and without further a-due off I went to stuff my face.

 Bill's not only offer an ah-mazing lunch and evening menu, but a tempting selection of breakfast treats to make you drool. Granola? Eggs Royale? Pancakes? Yes please! However we arrived shortly after lunch, so it was slightly more filling cuisine available for us. After spending a short eternity browsing the menu (I seriously wanted one of everything) I ended up going for the cod fish finger sandwich. My partner in crime pretty much knew exactly what he wanted soon as his eyes hit the menu - a huge hamburger. To quench our thirst, we both settled on a Bill's super green smoothie, and although it could have been just a tad colder, it was still pretty delicious.

The decor of the restaurant is also worth a mention - clearly very well thought out with a lovely atmosphere.

This is making me insanely hungry as I type, but look! How bloomin' good does this look? I wasn't really sure as to how my fish finger sandwich would differ from any ordinary fish finger sandwich, but it totally did. The bread was homemade - need I say anymore? I'm also generally not a chip person, however I finished off the lot, minus a little help from my hungry fella, who also happened to say his burger was one of the best he'd had. Not bad, coming from a huuuge burger fan.

Although we had initially planned to further fill ourselves with desserts, our mains defeated us (almost) so we instead decided on sharing. Mini cinnamon donuts was the pudding of choice, and were completely demolished within minutes. No regrets...

If the main menu somehow doesn't tickle your fancy, Bill's also have a specials menu, along with offering afternoon tea. When it comes to the price side of things, you can get a main for around the £9 mark, with starters and desserts sitting at £5-ish, which is totally reasonable considering how awesome everything tastes. Any guesses as to where I'll be lunching next time I'm in York?

If you fancy giving Bill's a try for yourself, you can book a table on the website, here.

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