Beauty Chores: The Weekly Brush Rinse

The chore every makeup lover dreads. Brush washing. Waffy, boring, but on the more positive side of things, oh-so satisfying once complete. 

Since really getting into skincare the past year or so, I've become equally interested in making the most out of my minimal, but awesome brush collection (big high five to MAC and Real Techniques). Researching various tips and tricks on the process may not be the most exciting thing to do with my spare time, but doing so has ensured that my tools get a much longer lifespan, and my skin remains for the most, fairly clear.

Previously, a basic hand soap would do the trick. Cold, soapy water, a generous rinse, and the job's a good'n. However I quickly realised this wasn't giving my brushes as thorough of a wash as I needed, thus my initial homework session. Dr Bronner's Magic Soap was one product in particular that cropped up time and time again, and for just over a fiver, who can complain. Again using cold water (warm can loosen the bristles causing fallout - not cool.) applying a pea sized amount to the palm of the hand, followed with a massage of the bristles will transform your brushes back into their original state. It will also most likely horrify you at the shade of water it produces, and perhaps, maybe even encourage you to step back from the bronzer a little.

Of course, in between those serious deep clean slots, and more so, if you simply haven't got a great deal of time on your hands, a brush cleanser is your best friend. I personally find a regular rinse works just fine for me, so haven't dabbled in this, but doing so means you can get your collection clean in a whizz, no drying time needed. 

A few other tips to keep in mind whilst you're getting your hands dirty - make sure you dry your brushes on a towel to ensure you're not left with a serious wet patch somewhere you don't want, and most importantly, always balance your brushes flat (or tilted downwards if possible) to avoid water getting behind the handle, unless you fancy a rusty, crappy makeup tool of course. Didn't think so.

Do you despise the weekly rinse as much as me? Any handy brush tips you fancy sharing?


  1. I just washed my make-up brushes and I actually really enjoy washing my brushes. That soap looks awesome, I'll definitely give it a go! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. It's weirdly satisfying isn't it? Yes it's a good'n! x


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