Summer knits

Leather jacket - All Saints // Knit tee - Monsoon // Leggings - Topshop
Shoes - Zara // Bracelet - vintage

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I'm mixing it up a little and posting an ootd. 

I do keep meaning to take more outfit shots for my little space on the internet, but life has been manic/bed ridden/plain weeeird the past month. Lame excuse, I know, but on a more positive note, I managed to pick myself up a tripod, so a lack of ootds should hopefully be a thing of the past. Hopefully.

I've been totally smitten with these Zara shoes I picked up in the sale a few weeks ago. I'd had my eye on them for absolutely yonks but they'd sold out everywhere, so much to my surprise when they re-appeared on the website. Safe to say it was a pretty instantaneous, guiltless purchase. I've also been repeatedly sporting this knit tee from Monsoon. Yes it's been pretty hot lately, but for those cooler days, this one comes in pretty handy to keep my temperature 'just right'. Additionally my new All Saint leather number has pretty much been glued to me 24/7, understandably. 

Perhaps in my next ootd I shall try to wear a little colour, but I really can't promise anything...

Did you manage to pick up any treats in the sales?

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