Award for the most imaginative post name, but boy, do I love me some stripes.

Easy to throw on, chic, and uberly comfy - what more could you want from an item of clothing? I picked up my striped tee from Zara for something ridiculous like £9.99, and it's safe to say I've already got my (not so much) money's worth. It's great quality and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, so it gets a big, double thumbs up from me. Also from Zara are my current favourites when it comes to the shoe department. These peep-toes had been winking at me for months and months, but due to my already excessive black shoe collection, I was hesitant. When they showed up on the Zara sale, however, I couldn't help myself and baaaam, they were mine. They totally wreck my feet, but they're super sassy so I'm just gonna let that one slide...

Something else I'm (unwillingly) sporting, is a serious case of hair frizz. My mane clearly wasn't prepared for the heat when I took these photos last week, but more to the point, it's still pretty unprepared for it now. How to make it stop?!! Really not digging said frizz, so if you happen to know of any miracle workers to prevent the stuff, then please help a girl out in the comment box below - I will be eternally grateful!

Are you a fan of the breton stripe?


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