fashion: Grungy summer

Leather Jacket: All Saints  //  Tee: Topshop  //  Jeans: ASOS ripleys  //  Shoes: Zara

There's nothing I love more than the Summer. Days are filled with sunshine, (kinda) sandy beaches and barbecues. Flowers come out in full bloom presenting the most beautiful, eye-catching colours, which admittedly cannot be said about the bulk of my wardrobe... I ain't no emo, nor a goth, nor any style stereotype, I just simply dig the darker tones of the colour spectrum. 

I recently treated myself to a brand spankingly new leather jacket, and boy oh boy do I luuuurve it. My last was a fur trim collar from Topshop, faux leather, which lasted me well but was starting to look a little tired. However after waving buh-bye to that, I needed a replacement. And during my quest for a replacement I was clearly feeling a little naughty as off I trotted to All Saints. An All Saints leather has been on my wishlist for SO DARN LONG. Literally like 7 years or something. And since I recently turned 21, I had a little extra spending money and decided that now was the time to invest. And it is seriously, seriously awesome. If you're on the fence about getting one and have had your eye on one for a while, go try one on at least. I did and errrr, next thing I knew I was at the till. Oops. If you're wondering, I went for the Cargo Leather Biker - isn't it just perfect?

What's your favourite wardrobe piece?


  1. Love this Bryony! Looking gorgeous

    Lindsey x


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