Thankful Thursday

So Thursday has swooped round once again, meaning it's time for me to get thankful/happy/hungry.

1 - June as a whole is a pretty exciting month for me. Lots of awesome things happening throughout, so overall, I'm pretty darn happy. A little nervous, too, but that's a story for another time...

2 - This week I discovered my new favourite drink. Move aside Starbucks macchiatos, there's a new beverage in town. Marks & Spencer's bottled Moroccan Mint & White tea is like, the best thing since sliced bread. Have you tried? Cos if you haven't, you best change that pronto. Their Salmon and cream cheese sandwich is also pretty delightful, fyi. 

3 -  It's seems to have become a routine procedure to have at least five bunches of fresh, home-grown flowers in my house recently. I'm incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful location, so the said bunches are quite frankly, very easy on the eye. See above snap for a vision of my garden's contents.

4 - It's my birthday in a couple of weeks. And who doesn't love a good birthday?

5 - My friends return from Uni for the Summer in a couple of weeks time. This makes me very happy. 

6 - Thanks to the slight increase in temperature, it's now possible to wear skirts/shorts/skorts without freezing ones ass off. Winner.

7 - Fast forward back two months and seeing daylight past 3pm would have been a shocker. Long, blue-skied (optimistic?) summer days are the best. 

What's making you chirpy this week?

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