The vintage jacket

It's been b-e-a-utiful weather this week, so I've been taking the opportunity to go against my normal boyish style choices, and getting my legs out. I don't own all that many dresses, however if the weather stays this awesome, I definitely need to pick up a few more. I snapped up this dress from Primark a few years ago, and rather impressively, it's still going strong to this day. Admittedly it's a little 'boobyish', however that aside, it's a rather cute fit.

Despite it being almost too hot for a jacket, I still threw on my Dad's badass Wrangler denim. Considering he's had it since turning 15, it's lasted pretty darn well. I finally squeezed on my fave Zara strap heels, grabbed my trusty Mulberry Alexa, added my Topshop choker, and hey presto.

 outfit details:
dress: primark
shoes: zara
bag: mulberry
jacket: wrangler
choker: topshop

Have you been enjoying the sunshine?

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