S'all about the tie-dye

Although I do obtain good intentions to blog more fashion related content, I somehow never do so quite as much as I'd like. So a big ol' slap on the wrist for me, and a whole hearted promise that I will try to sort that one out.

Since colour isn't really something I'm regularly involved in when it comes to the whole wardrobe department, I decided to gently dip my toes in, by picking up a simple tie-dye piece. Asos evidently stock a wide range of tie-dye, and I totally loved the look of this oversized tee. I kind of wish it was a little longer so I could wear it alone as a dress, however for now, shorts will have to be sported underneath to avoid any unwanted booty exposure.

I decided to keep the look simple when it came to accessorising, leaving the attention to my shirt by adding a only tattoo choker, a Saint Kidd bracelet, and my overused tan pouch. I also don't really know what to say now - the whole ootd thing is kind of new to me. Will get the knack of it after a few goes I'm sure.

Anyway, my legs are feeling a little bare, I'm off to go put some pants on...

tee: asos
denim jacket: zara menswear
bag: topshop
boots: kurt geiger
choker: topshop
bracelet: saint kidd

Are you a fan of tie-dye?

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