Hooked on tartan

Look at me, posting yet another ootd. In the same week? What's gotten into me, this is positively outrageous. Keeping things in twos, I'm once again sporting a pair of trusty denim shorts. The weather's been far too awesome recently to keep covered up, so my legs have stayed out to play as a result.

As briefly mentioned yesterday, I never really know what to write whenever I post an OOTD blog. Beauty and hair themed topics are generally my thing, so I'm kind of stuck for words whenever I do these. What the hell should I be rambling on about? I have no idea, however practice makes perfect I suppose, so bare with me on this one.

Alas, here is a recent attire. A simple tee and shorts combo accessorised with a trusty tartan shirt and my old (old old old) converse. Insanely easy to throw on, and insanely easy to keep cool in in this marvellous climate.

tee: topshop
shorts: topshop
tartan shirt: topshop
shoes: converse

Well it appears Topshop has vomited all over me. How embarrassing.

 What's your favourite summer outfit?

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