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Last week I blogged about the items I carry around in my Mulberry Alexa, and this time round it's time to show you all the delights hidden within my make up bag. I tend to chop and change quite a bit with my make up, particularly lipstick, however this is generally what comes around with me when I'm out and about during the day.

The most important item that stays by my side, is lip balm. My lips have a tenancy to be quite dry, so it's a total must-have for me. At the moment I'm loving the Nuxe Reme de Miel, which I picked up a couple of months ago. The consistency is quite thick, almost waxy, so it's does a brilliant job at adding the moisture back into your smackers. The chocolate orange scent is certainly a bonus, too. 

Another staple for me is eyelashes curlers, and where else to look for a pair but Shu Uemura? I originally had a silver set which lasted me a whopping four years, until they started to fall apart, so being wild and everything I decided to pick up a gold pair this time. I personally think £20 for 4 years with (almost) everyday use is insanely good. 

Brushes are of course an essential addition to anyone's make up bag, and I tend to go for both Mac or Real Techiques. My current favourites for base application are the RT Expert Face brush and RT Powder brush. Both awesome at what they do and pretty inexpensive. 

I recently got back into wearing fake tan, (see my post here) so since I'm naturally porcelain, I put my previous foundation to one side and in it's place out came a more colour-appropriate base. One I've been reaching for pretty much daily is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. I'm not a fan of overly matte finishes in foundations,  but this gives a natural, heathy glow. To add extra radiance into the skin, I mix a pea-sized amount of Soap & Glory's Hocus Focus illuminator with my foundation. This is basically an Instagram filter in a bottle. When applied, pores and uneven pigmentation are diffused, leaving you with flawless skin. To conceal, I use Origins Plantscription. Being a huge fan of the brand's skincare offerings, I had high hopes for their make up. And this doesn't disappoint. Brightening, moisturising and long-lasting - the perfect three any gal could wish for in a concealer. 

The product I pick up the least in my stash is the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. Not that it's a bad product, it's just my skin isn't the oily type, but with the warmer days becoming more frequent, I can ocassionally need a little touch-up around the t-zone area. This adds a little extra coverage-wise, without overly mattifying your base, a factor I personally dislike with powders. To add a little definition into my look, I use the Body Shop Honey Bronzer which is a brilliant (cheaper alternative for the much-loved Nars Laguna.

After curling, out comes the Clinique High Impact Volume Mascara. I picked this up last year after hearing Lily Pebbles singing it's praises, and I'm seriously glad I did. It's totally build-able, totally clump free and totally awesome. Although I don't always wear eyeliner, when I want to make a little extra effort, I reach for this (barely existent) pencil from Mac. As you can probably tell, it's well loved. So much so that the shade-name has rubbed off.. whoops. I've actually had this for absolutely yonks now so it's lasted pretty darn well. It's safe to say that my eyebrows can get a little out of hand. Leaving them to do their own thing isn't really an option. To tame, I simply comb through Mac's brow set and bam, sorted and in-place all day. It's just a shame the packaging is clear, the tube's not the prettiest sight...

Finally, my favourite part, lipstick. I have far too many for my own good, and I'm currently alternating between Mac Cream Cup and Mac Russian Red. Can you tell I like Mac? I like to carry around a couple of lip products with me during the day in the chance of last minute plans popping-up. 

So that's the entire contents of my make up bag (purchased from Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters, FYI) I hope you enjoyed have a little snoop. 

What essentials do you carry around with you?


  1. I adore Cream Cup, and I am after a new red so I think I'll have to try Russian Red.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I really like the Bourjois foundation, it feels so lovely and light on the skin :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight


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