Thankful Thursday

So this is only my second whirl at this Thankful Thursday malarkey, but frankly, I'm already quite enjoying it. A little bit of positivity never hurt anyone, right? This week, I'm grateful about a cluster of happenings/items, so perhaps I best get sharin'.

1 - Although Google is the home of the awesomeness that is the internet, this week, I've learnt that the 'don't always believe what you read on the web', phrase, is pretty darn accurate. Googling 'Root Canal Treatment' brings up all kind of spine-tingling horror stories. When in reality, it really ain't that bad. Either fellow users of the interweb are total pansies, or I am a warrior. And let's be honest, it's probably gonna be the latter isn't it? So moral of the story here - the delightful, virtual platform of information can sometimes be a source of total bull, and for this I am happy.

2 - I am exceptionally grateful of spoolies. Unruly brows tamed in an instance. Awesome. 

3 - So this next one I've been buzzing about for slightly longer than the past seven days. It's actually more close to the 365 side of the time spectrum. You may or may not know that as well as my own virtual crib, (a.k.a this site you are currently feasting your eyes on) I also habitate over on the Saint Kidd blog, too. There, I yodel my opinions on the fashion and lifestyle shaped varieties of life, and totally love doing so, may I add. As well as being a brand made up of totally kickass people, Saint Kidd also sell really cool tees too - which is always nice, huh?

4 -  Learning to cook. Slowly, but surely. I think...

5 - I now also truly appreciate well-fitting rings. Especially well-fitting, midi rings. Truth is, they don't stay on all that well. And I discovered this last week, in a public toilet. Is it weird that I'm sharing these details on my blog? Anyway, those eco-friendly toilet flushers are great and all, but when you have to wave your hand energetically to get them to do their thing, you become a target for ring-loss. And this unfortunately happened to me. One of my favourite rings, down the o'l lavatory, never to be seen again. Nice one, Bryony.

6 - On a slightly nicer note, it was Easter at the weekend. And I like Easter, so that was great. 

What are you feeling thankful about this week? And is your thankful face something a little similar to my thankful face? (see above).


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