Thankful Thursday

So I was having a little think about a new feature for my ol' blog, when it hit me. It's so easy to take your surroundings, and life in general, for granted, so I've decided it may be quite nice to whip up a brand spankingly new, weekly post, about things I'm grateful and happy about. Not necessarily huge, nor incredibly exciting happenings, but sometimes it's just the little things, isn't it? Thankful Thursday is admittedly, a little cliché and obvious, so bare with me, I will most likely have a little rethink with that one. But for now, let's soak up the happiness!


1 - Living in the b-e-a-utiful countryside. Yes, it can be a right pain in the ass in the winter months, what with the snow and ice, but damn, it isn't half photogenic. 

2 - Starbucks catchups. University can mean you don't get to see your favourite people all that often, being dotted around all over the country and all that malarkey. However when reunited, it always tends to involve a Starbucks sometime within the day. And that's certainly alright with me, yum. 

3 - My health.

4 - June. Yes, it's two months away but I already have some incredibly awesome things planned for it, hence the excessively early excited-ness. 

5 - Sunshine. It really just makes all the difference doesn't it? Long walks are a lot more enjoyable when the sun's blaring down on you, too. Also, hello freckles.

6 - Having fresh flowers in the house. They totally brighten up a room, look pretty and smell so darn good - what's not to love?

7 - Guacamole, the homemade kind. Food crafted by the gods, I tell you. I would happily just eat it for the rest of my days. Which I kinda do already, I guess...

8 - My amazing li'l sister making me homemade gifts, for no reason. Super special.

9 - Discovering new music.

10 - Hats. I'm going through a major hat faze at the moment. No idea why, I'm just feelin' it. 

Now tell me, what's made you happy this week?

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