Hotel Chocolat Cocoa bar-cafe

Last weekend I headed down to the brand spankingly new John Lewis located at Monks Cross, York. As well as hearing rumours of a seriously kickass beauty counter, being a chocolate lover, I was also desperate to pay a visit to the Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Cafe-Bar. Whoever decided on installing one in the store is my new best friend. It is s-e-r-i-ously awesome. 

As you can see from my undeniably crap iPhone shots, the menu was full of choice. From crumpets and trifles to batons and soap, there was something for every chocolate fan. We weren't feeling overly peckish, so we chose to just stick to drinks and a selection of bad-ass cakes. So no, the food below wasn't all mine - I'm not that greedy...

Although I would have happily sampled everything from the menu, I eventually settled for a brownie and a salted caramel hot chocolate to match, and boy oh boy, it was freakin' awesome! Also, how cute are the mugs?

Apologies for this picture-lacking post - I was clearly too busy being a fat-ass and muching away to take any more snaps. I guess I'll just have to pay another visit?

Have you bee to the Cocoa Bar-Cafe? If not, go check out the menu, here.


  1. This looks awesome! If you like that I'd recommend a visit to Roast and Conch (part of the Hotel Chocolat family) in Leeds if you're ever there- I went last week and it was INCREDIBLE!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x


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