Missoula, York

On Monday I was invited down to Missoula in York, a.k.a, the newbie restaurant of the city. I am a HUGE foodie, so let's just say I jumped at the chance. Situated on Bride Street, the location is top notch. But the food, that's what you really wanna hear about, right?

Whether it's a morning, lunch or evening feast you're after, Missoula have got your back. From sandwiches to steaks, to burgers and salads, you're pretty much guaranteed to find something to satisfy those taste-buds of yours. 

I went for the chicken fillet burger, with smoky bacon and fries. My rather charming date went for a bison burger, (we like our burgers...) which is apparently a favourite of the Montana folk. I had a bite, you know, just to see, and yup, I can see why. Although incredibly filling, I still had a little room left to scoff down a desert. The cookie-dough and ice cream combo was winking at me from the menu, so I just had to try. And can you blame me?! ^^^

As well as providing a rather delectable menu, Missoula also have an extensive drinks selection, with classics such as the Mojito, to more exotic offerings like Apple Pie Martinis. I personally don't drink, so just stuck to water and coke (I'm where the party's at, I know.) but I did notice a few lined up at the bar and they looked pretty impressive.

Isn't the interior just to die for?

Minus one little hiccup, I had a splendid evening and I will no doubt be heading back for more munchies in the near future. But don't take my word for it, head over to Missoula yourself and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. You can check out the menu, here.

Have you tried Missoula?

*Although the majority of my meal was gifted, minus the desert, my opinion when writing this review was not influenced. Please read my disclaimer here, for more information.*


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  1. I've never had food in my local Missoula but that burger looks DELISH!


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