Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Although I love a good bubble bath (who doesn't?) up until recently, I'd never actually tried anything from Lush. I always found the million-and-one scents going on when you walk past a store just a little off-putting. However I guess one day it must have smelt somewhat less OTT, so I ended up having a browse and ended up coming out with a few bits. 

Out of the selection I picked up, my favourite has to be the Magic Wand Bubble Bar. Basically a bath bomb on a stick, you simply swirl this around whilst the water is running. The result is one pink, sweet sweet smelling, bubble-tastic bath. 

It's currently sold out on the Lush website, so I can't remember the exact price, but it was around £3-4. Although, yes, that might seem quite steep for a bath bomb, it's reusable, so you can get quite a few baths out of it. If you like Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel, then you'll love the scent of this - it's the same. My only negative with the wand is that it can get quite messy. Once used you have to leave it to dry on the packaging but be careful that it doesn't stain on anything (I took this before it had been used).

Have you tried the Magic Wand Bubble Bar?


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