Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Mild Marine Shampoo

After recently running out of my regular, everyday shampoo, I decided it was time to spread my haircare lovin' wings and try something new. And where else would I head to, but Bumble and Bumble.

I've tried several of the shampoos from Bb, but what intrigued me the most upon that particular visit to Boots, was the Seaweed Mild Marine Shampoo. As well as bearing a rather lengthy title, the product is designed to be a mild, everyday cleanser for normal hair types. Ingredients such as marine seaweed, kelp and spirulina work together to add shine and body to locks, whilst keeping flyaways at bay (bonus!). Similarly to the Bb Sunday Shampoo (review here) it cleanses the hair, but does so on toned down level, due to the SS being a detoxing, once a week product.

Although seaweed doesn't sound like the most appealing aroma, the shampoo actually smells lovely. I would best describe it as smelling like the beach, which as you can imagine, is a very refreshing scent to be massaging into your scalp. 

At £17, it fits right into the rest of the price range from Bumble. Although it's not a bargain, like all products from the brand, it lasts an eternity. Which certainly isn't a bad thing, FYI. 

You can get your mitts on it from both the Bb website, here or head over to Boots, here.

Have you tried the Seaweed shampoo? And are you as big of a Bumble and Bumble fan as I am? Probably not.



  1. This looks amazing! I've never tried anything from Bumble and Bumble but I definitely want to give this a go! X
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  2. I've always wanted to try the B&B Surf Spray, but I never could bring myself to splurge on their products. Do you have a review of that particular Spray?


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. The surf spray is one of my absolute favourites, I'll get a review up some time soon x

  3. Good thing it lasts a while, because it sounds like kind of a basic shampoo? haha Thanks for sharing! xx



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