The White Company Winter Fragrance Collection


So the Starbucks red take-out cups are out in full swing, which means the countdown to Christmas has officially begun.

Ok, so it may still be a little while away, but when you work in a store that's already blasting out the Christmas tunes you can't help but to feel a little festive.

To boost my Christmas spirit, I've been relying on The White Company Winter range. The fragrance oil and home spray to be precise.

Described as a ''spicy warm scent that blends notes of sweet cinammon and clove with a dash of fresh orange'', to put it simply, this fragrance is the 25th December in a bottle. 

The oil is ideal for adding to pot pourri and similarly to the home spray, adds a wonderfully warm aroma which fills the room, not too much, but definitely enough to notice.

You only need a little, and that indeed goes a long way - hours after the inital spritz/pour you can still smell the fragrance, which is pretty darn awesome if you ask me. 

Although The White Company is on the more high-end spectrum of the high street, I personally think both products are really well priced. The Fragrance Oil retails at £6, whilst the Home Spray is £15.

If you love a good candle like myself, then the Winter Candle is also absolutely divine. I buy one every year, however am yet to own one so far in 2013, so I best be getting myself to The White Company, pronto.

The Winter fragrance collection is an absolute must for all who love the smell of Christmas. If you're near a store then you must go have a whiff - I can pretty much guarantee you'll love it all as much as me.

What's your favourite winter scent?


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  1. Sounds yummy, Christmas to me is all about cinnamon and clove and oranges - amazing! Xx



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