Wish List

Shoulder detail dress - All Saints   //   Black chunky knit jumper - Topshop   //   Khaki light knit - H&M
Laptop case - ASOS   //   Vans - ASOS   //   Heeled boots - All Saints   //   Fake leather jacket - Zara
iPhone case - All Saints   //   Watch - Olivia Burton   //   Printed dress - Topshop 
Clothes are awesome. Without them we would all be walking around totally naked which would be both weird and terrifying (in my opinion anyhow, yours may differ...). 

So from time to time I like to put together a little wishlist of things I would like in my wardrobe to - A. cover my dignity... and B. attempt at making me look 'presentable'.

This is a rather hefty wishlist, and I will most likely not be purchasing many/if anything (most likely the latter of the two) featured, but it's nice to browse. My wardrobe is definitely more S/S than A/W however, so I think I need to pick up a couple of chunky knit jumpers since the weather is turning chilly. 

I never used to dress for the weather, and I certainly learnt my lesson a couple of Christmases ago when I got chillblains. Apparently peeing on your feet can help to speed up recovery with this but I can't say it ever crossed my mind to give it a try, but whatever floats your boat! I instead opted for buying numerous pair of socks to make sure my tootsies were always nice and warm. N'aww.

Is there anything on your current wishlist that I need to be adding to mine?



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  2. Pretty sure I want every single thing on here, so beautiful! xx


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