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In case you haven't noticed from the above wishlist, I am going through a faze of l-o-v-i-n-g dresses. I initially noticed this red Primark beauty over on Suzie's blog, Hello October. Suzie is one li'l stunner, so perhaps it's just herself that makes the dress look so good, but what the heck, gimme!

This cute little daisy print dress is from yet another bargain-tastic store; Missguided. I absolutely love the brand, however I never seem to buy from it all that much. Don't ask me why, the products are awesome. Perhaps it's down to the fact I like to try things on before I buy.  The dress is only around £15, which is wicked. I'd team this with a pair of tan wedges and not much else.

Next up is this polka dot print dress from good o'l Topshop. I told you there was a theme to this wishlist...
 It's £42, so yes, slightly pricier than the other two, but that's to be expected. I don't have all that much polka dot in my wardrobe, but I think this would be a good one to start with.

This Zara skort has been all over the blogging world recently, and there's a reason for this... it looks amazing on! A twist on a classic pair of shorts, giving your outfit that extra oomph.

This floral tee from Ted Baker has sadly sold out, however I'm keeping both my fingers and tootsies crossed that it comes back in stock as it's my favourite out of the entire wishlist! It was around £45 I think, so pretty pricey, but it's just so darn pretty! 

All this hot weather we're currently being treated too, can cause mayhem in the makeup department. I can't deny, it's made me so lazy when applying makeup, I've only really been reaching for my mascara and little else. But boy, has my skin thanked me for it.
Anyhow, for those suffering from the dreaded oily lids problem, this will solve all your woes. Say buh-bye to panda eyes thanks to this Nars eyeshadow primer.

I've been lusting after the Babyliss Big Hair for as long as I can remember. Apparently this is the way forward for achieving that salon blow-dry look at home. I have a similar device already, however thanks to my hair being so long and thick, it's not really doing much for me. However once I have booked that long awaited hair appointment I think I shall be snapping this right up.

Finally, I have been a lover of Zara Taylor for ages now, and I think I need to expand my collection as I pretty much wear the items I own constantly. I have my eye on both the Peace & Love ring and the Filigree Hoop Earrings. A slightly higher price range than Topshop, but one you compare the quality of both you'll see why.

What's on your current wish list? Is there anything else I should be swooning over?



  1. I love everything on the wishlist, i love the red dress! xo


  2. The red dress is so pretty. I have the Babyliss Big Hair and I love using it, it stops my hair going poofy and makes it feel really soft.

  3. That's a SKORT?? I saw this on Instagram a while back and honestly thought it was a skirt! lol That's also on my wishlist though :) x


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