The Road To Jumpin' Jacks

Not so long ago, me and my momma headed out on a little road trip to Whitby.

Famous for Dracula and everything Gothic, the seaside town has plenty of sights to say the least.

After wandering through the picturesque town, we built up an appetite. 

So after pondering over what to lunch on, we were both pretty darn chuffed when we came across this little gem.

 Now I have a hell of an appetite on me. No exaggeration, no nothing. I can genuinely eat like a horse, it's quite terrible really.

Therefore I was pretty much in my element in Jumpin' Jacks.

After browsing through the menu for quite some time (it all looked awesome!) I decided to go for a BLT sandwich with salad and a chocolate milkshake to wash it all down with.

Momma D went for a classic hot dog and a coke. Yum.

After gobbling on our delicious feast, we waved buh-bye to our grumbling stomachs and headed off back home. 

A successful afternoon, we had to agree.



  1. I love American style diners! Looks fab xxx

  2. aw i really want to go there, my friend goes there pretty much all the time and i don't live toooo far away from it! <3 looks so good!



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