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Howdy ya'll!

Apologies for my wee absence,  it was my Birthday on Saturday so I didn't manage to put any time aside for my li'l old blog. :( If you haven't seen my rather excitable tweets, then you probably won't know that I'm now a part of the blogging team over at Saint Kidd (I know right, so cool!).

I'm genuinely so grateful for such an awesome opportunity, and everyone at the brand is insanely cool. Super happy chick over here, people! I blog a couple of times a week; on a Thursday and a Sunday, and am also on guard to take snaps of any sexy peeps for the weekly street style post. I've mainly been discussing how to look crazily awesome with clothes on, the importance of wearing shoes and things we've been loving in general over at SK. The guys (and gals!) over at Saint Kidd also sent me a couple of items from the brand which was really sweet of them. I received both the Skeleton Horse tee, and the Black Spot tee. I think my boyfriend is pretty chuffed that I now have my own SK shirts, as I was forever stealing his (and his Quedagh Merchant bag) ... sorry dude!

Skeleton Horse Tee.
(Excuse my excessively long arms, they don't normally look this way..?)

So despite me rambling on for far too long, the main point to this post is to say that Saint Kidd rocks. Go get some for your wardrobe now. Yus.

Also, you can check out my blog posts, here.

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