Wish List

Orange Clutch - Urban Outfitters - £24 // iPhone // Shorts - Levis @ Ark - £20 // Eyeshadow Palette - Urban Decay - £20 // Lip Crayon - Max Factor - £4.99 // Mint Knit Crop Vest - Topshop - £28 // Hair Shots - Lee Stafford - £7.49 // Overnight Face Mask - Origins - £20 // Baroque Print Skirt - ASOS - £16 // Pink Leather Slipper - Zara £49.99 // Liquid Eyeliner - Collection - £2.99

So I haven't been around the blogging world for a little while, almost a month, to be exact. Damn.

The reason for this being that little thing called University. I've been so busy with deadline's, however I am now all handed in and have pretty much now finished my second year, which is both crazy yet exciting as I am now in the process of sorting out internships for my placement year!

Anyhow, enough of the rambling, this is a little wishlist I've put together, featuring a collaboration of things I don't really need, and things I totally do..

First and foremost, an iPhone. I've had my beloved Nokia E63 for around 3 and a half years now. It's been a little gem and survived a great deal. However now I feel it is time to move on; the charger is broken so charging is a mission in itself, especially when I have to charge it every five minutes thanks to the aged battery. Adding to this, I recently dropped it which resulted in a  huge crack in the screen. So yeah, it's on it's way out. It's my Birthday in June, so I'm praying it will last until then so I can ask for one then! 

Like I previously mentioned, the rest of the items featured on this wishlist aren't really items I need, instead a few goodies I'm lusting after. How incredibly naughty of me..



  1. I love Origins Drink Up Intensive, it's absolute holy grail for me! Lovely wishlist xx


  2. Love the UO clutch, gorgeous colour.


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