April Favourites

So April's coming to it's end, how I will never know. I sound like such a Grandma saying this but this year really is going so fast. Anyhow, enough of the rambling. Behold my April favourites, a collaboration of truly wonderful beauty goodies. This past month has been crammed with a variety new discoveries for myself, beauty wise. I have found a selection of absolute gems which I can now no longer be without.

Elemis Exfoliating Face Wash* came into my skincare collection at a brilliant time, as my Liz Earle face scrub had literally just run out. I was unsure as to if this would live up to my previous favourite, however it really is brilliant. The smell, texture and results all get a thumb up from me. Skin looks glowing and radiant even after the first use.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Now this, this, is my absolute favourite product within this month. And I've only had it a few days.. Bronze Goddess is literally, the goddess of all scents. As it is released only once a year, for the duration of Summer, it is pretty hard to get hold of. It is officially released on the 1st May this year, however I am one determined chica, and managed to get hold of it early *muhaha*.  A combination of vanilla, creamy coconut, tropical flowers, mandarin, amber and lemons, this scent just screams 'summer'. When wearing this scent, my mind drifts to thoughts of hot days at the beach, sipping cocktails. To put it simply, I love it. If you are looking for a scent this Summer, this is your scent.Retailing at £45, it is in fitting with the rest of EL's price range, and completely worth it. I'm going to be asking for another bottle of this for my birthday, as I know I'll be getting through this pretty quickly! The only negative thing I have to say about this scent is that I'm not too keen on the packaging of the actual bottle, as it looks slightly cheap in comparison to last years. However with a  scent this good I can easily forgive the matter. Bronze Goddess truly is a must have for all beach babes.

Dr.Hauschka Summer Impressions Powder Duo in 01 Cool Breeze* Again, this bronzer palette came at a brilliant time, as I had recently hit pan on my Nars Laguna Bronzer. I was literally about to repurchase, when I was gifted this. First question that crossed my mind; 'how will it compare to my Laguna?' To answer this question, I can honestly say, well. Dr.Hauschka is a brand I've been wanting to try for years, so I was pretty chuffed to receive this. Although I'm not a fan of shimmer in face products, I've actually warmed to this quite well, since it's so subtle. This is a nice alternative for my Nars bronzer, however I will probably go back to it after I hit pan on this bronzer. It retails at £33.50 and is available at Harvey Nichols.

Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm* I'd actually been contemplating buying Dr. Lipp's Nipple Balm, however when I was gifted this I thought I'd give it a try. This is a really great balm, and does what it says on the tin. Although it's not the most nourishing that I've ever tried, it still does a good job of keeping lips soft. Available for £3.32 from John Lewis.

 Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment To be honest, this product has received to much hype in the blogging world, so I don't really think I need to say much. A great product for hair that is damaged and needs a bit of tlc. You can get your hands on this for £30.25 from Feel Unique, select department stores and hair salons. There is also a 25ml bottle which retails for £12.50, however it always works out better value to purchase the bigger bottle. I purchased the version suitable for all hair types, however there is also a lighter alternative for those with fine and light coloured hair, also available on Feel Unique.

Blanx White Shock Whitening Toothpaste* I've been a fan of Blanx for quite some time now, so I was pretty excited when I received this new release. One of a kind, with an LED light, this toothpaste is pretty cool. The purpose of the light is to strengthen the whitening power of ActiluX in the toothpaste. The LED cap is also reusable, which means you can use it on more than more tube. You brush your teeth as normal, and following this, direct the light onto your teeth. What's great is each time your teeth are exposed to light, the ActiluX continues to work it's magic.

The overall results of  product are subtle, however you can definitely notice a difference. I think people sometimes expect miracles from whitening toothpastes, but if you want a set of choppers like Simon Cowell then your best bet is to get them professionally done. Despite this, this toothpaste is great if you're looking for a subtle boost. BlanxWhite Shock is available from Feel Unique for £7.49, however if you just want to toothpaste minus the light, you can buy it for £4.99. (To be honest I think you're best spending that extra couple of pounds if you're really wanting a difference.)


  1. Great monthly faves. I have absolutely heaps this month but my little baby is due on Thursday so I'm guessing I won't get chance to try many new things during May. Hehe.

    Thank you for sending me your link tonight, am now following :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. Really want to try the Morrocan Oil! :)

  3. the bronzer looks really nice , i'm also not a fan of shimmer but it looks quite subtle.x

  4. Thanks for sending me your link! I've recently purchased the Blanx toothpaste, I'm considering purchasing the light alone from Blanx, I can't wait for pearly white teeth! Lovely post, definitely going to be reading more

    Beth x


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