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Cork Shoes - Zara // Estée Lauder 'Day Wear Sheer Tint Release' // Cropped Cami - Topshop // Dr. Lipp Lip Treatement // Print Playsuit - River Island // Soap & Glory 'Flake Away Scrub' // Bag - Zara // Shorts - Zara // Wild Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint & White Tea Candle - The White Company // Necklace - Topshop //

Hey guys, hope you're all well and enjoying Mother's Day; I for one definitely have. 

I travelled back from University this weekend to spend it with my lovely family, and more importantly to celebrate today with my gorgeous Mum. 

 This morning we treated her to some rather lovely presents in bed, including perfume and White Company goodies, to name a few. After a long soak in the bath we then took her to her favourite restaurant, The White Swan, in Pickering. If I'm honest, this was a treat for all of us, not just my Mum, as the food is SO good. It's now several hours after our meal and I'm still stuffed, and have been seriously considering a nap for some time now. The term 19 going on 90, springs to mind.

Anyhow, as well as today, the rest of my weekend has been rather great. As you know, yesterday I was at Boots judging a fashion competition and along with that, I was given a bag full of beauty goodies which I will be reviewing soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks to the said bag full of goodies, I have finally got round to trying Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, which has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever now. I shall of course be viewing this in a couple of weeks after I've given my skin the chance to decide how it feels on the product. However the verdict so far? Excellente!

Carrying on the topic of wishlists, this is mine for this week. You could undoubtedly say that this wishlist screams 'Summer', to which I would agree. I suppose it's just evidence of how much I am truly craving the season, however for now we are having to settle with the return of snow. Brilliant.

I was in The White Company a few days ago, sniffing away at the various scents (as usual) and I fell in love with the Wild Mind fragrance. Oh.my.god. Seriously, this stuff is ah-mazing.
I'd been desperate to have a sniff of it (that sounds weird, I promise this is not intentional..) after hearing the gorgeous Zoella raving about it in one of her recent YouTube videos. She mentioned that it smelt like a Mojito so of course I was pretty much sold then and there. So off I trotted to the store to have an innocent sniff and before I knew it.. BAM. I needed it. No for real, I really do. The fact I already own a million other candles is completely irrelevant..

I'm also probably best mentioning that the Dr. Lipp 'Nipple Balm' is not actually for the erm.. area around your cleavage. It is in fact, more innocently for your smackers. This product has been all over the blogging world as of late, and myself and my chapped lips are desperate to give it a try.

I've recently fallen in love with the Estée Lauder 'Day Wear Sheer Tint Release' after trying a sample of it. It's basically the dream product for anyone who loves a super light, dewy base on their skin. The concept of the product is brilliant, as it simply adapts to your personal skin tone, resulting in an even, perfect match finish.

The rest of my wish list is made up of items I like to convince myself that I 'need'. After all, I am a fashion student.

The Zara bag in particular is something I really love. I've had my eye on it for a while, however after seeing Milkeef talk about it's awesomeness on her (brand new) YouTube channel, it's subsequently made me want it even more. Darn.
This has been a rather lengthy post considering it's only a wish list, so I apologise for this. If you've got this far then thanks for reading, you should probably be given some form of medal or something? ;)



  1. I love the shoes and the gorge playsuit! Lovely wishlist!

    F xx


  2. Gorgeous! I know why you're wishing for all of these!! My picks would be the playsuit, the shorts, the candle and the shoes. The cami looks like it would be a great basic too!
    Eleanor x


  3. Those Cork shoes and shorts are gorgeous, I adore them:) Lovely wishlist.
    Followed your blog xx

  4. You've got me lusting after those shorts and shoes now!! Haha great wish list :)


  5. Those cork shoes are amaaaazing, and I love soap and glorys flake away! Great wish list xxx

  6. I adore the Advanced Night Repair complex and almost everything from the Day Wear Range. And what a name to call a lip balm, rofl!
    My Beauty Junction

  7. Love all your picks, your blog is fab!

  8. I want those cork wedge shoes!

    Lovely blog hun - now following you on GFC, be great to follow each other :)

    Be great if you could check out my latests outfit posts: Givenchy Rottweiler & my Boohoo Global Styler entry.

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  9. those zara shoes are beautttiful!
    following on GFC :)


  10. I love the shorts and shoes! ♥ Zara is one of my favourite shops, it's so classy and stylish.


  11. Ah I love this wish list, might have to go out an invest in literally everything on this list!
    Sarah x

  12. I want those shoes a little bit too much! x

  13. Flake away is my favourite Soap & Glory product! A-MAZ-ING! x

  14. Oh my, my aim is to tone up for this summer so I can wear playsuits like this!


  15. The playsuit and the heels would be perfect! I've got the Dr Lipp and it really does work, worth the money! xx

  16. You've got some great things here on your wishlist!! Can't go wrong with a Soap & Glory product, and that Topshop necklace is a beaut! xx

  17. Lovely picks! I love the playsuit!

    Emma x

  18. love your style everything in this i want!!!

    www.fashionfumblings.com xxx

  19. Nice list! Flake away is amazing!!

    Kimberley x


  20. Lovely wishlist, I am especially loving the shoes and the printed playsuit ever so pretty. cant wait to see how you get on with the ANR serum I think its amazing and it feels so lovely on your skin :) x

    Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  21. That Playsuit is gorgeous and I love those Zara cork heels x


  22. Dr Lipp Lip Treatment is also on my wishlist. :) x

  23. Ahh, I read it all! Can I have a medal?
    I love the shoes and the top and the playsuit. I'm not craving summer so much as I live in Brazil so… we're having summer at the moment and it is 40C out there. It is so funny I really wish I was in England now appreciating cold days but, we must enjoy what we have at the moment, right?

  24. i NEED that river island playsuit! :)xo

  25. the zara shoes and the playsuit are gorgeous!


  26. great wishlist! x


  27. Really cannot wait for your 8 hour Cream review!
    I'm thinking of purchasing



  28. Those shoes are amazing. Omg. I need them!

    I've only just gotten round to checking out your blog since you left me a link to it on twitter last week. I'm sorry its taken so long haha. I'm a new follower anyway now :) Yay.

    I definitely want to try out that nipple balm (teehee nipple) I watched Zoella talking about it in that video as well and it reminded me of how much I wanted to try it!

    Also, be careful with Estee Lauder Day Wear. I totally came out in a massive rash all over my face when I used it. It's totally ruined my skin ever since :( It was okay for a day or two of using it but then after i bought the full size (typical) it basically fried my skin.

    Hope it works for you if you end up getting it!

    Love Neeny

  29. That Zara bag is so popular at the moment, I keep seeing it everywhere. But no wonder it's amazing!!

    Lovely blog. Instant follow!

    lo and behold


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