Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful.

Now I most likely sound like an little old biddy saying this, but I don't actually remember the last time the weather was so erratic. I'm fortunate enough to live in a beautiful location in the countryside, but due to the setting, feeling the wrath of the weather sits hand-in-hand with this.

I'm not complaining about the divine blue sky pictured below. Oh no, it's perfection. I'm actually referring to the snow that fell earlier in the month.
Slight contrast to the photo above, huh? This was only a couple of days later..

It does look pretty that's undeniable. But it's such an inconvinence. I ended up having to miss 3 days of University due to being stranded at home. Not good. 

As soon as it began to thaw, I headed straight back up to University.. who knew when the snow would strike again?! Well infact, it began again the following day according to my Mum, so it's a good job I left when I did!


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