Say Goodbye To Foundation Mishaps

Most of us know that finding the perfect foundation is a pretty difficult task. Swatching a foundation in Boots which seems compatible, then when you get it home; crap, it's too orange! Or, no too pasty! However thanks to No7's new innovative invention, times like these may be coming to an end.

Say hello to the brands very own Match Made Service; a hand held device which is rested to the customers jaw to trace the different, and most important factors of the skin, which as a result, determins the perfect shade.

Not only that, once completed, the specially trained beauty consultant then advises the customer on the best texture and finish to suit their individual skin. This procedure prevents indivuduals selecting out the wrong foundation for them (which is a pretty easy thing to do given the artificial lighting in shops).

The best part is the service is available in 668 stores nationwide, and is free to all customers. So there really is no excuse not to give it a try; I know I will be!



  1. I saw this on the news, it made me really excited haha xx

    1. It's such a good idea I can't wait to give it a try! Do you think you will be? xx

  2. I heard some rumours about this a whle ago when I worked at Boots, I'm excited that it's finally here. Definitely going to give it a try! X


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