Blogger Challenge For Vaseline's Limited Edition Flavour 2012

If you have dry, cracked lips which have a tendency to occur in the weather in Britain, Vaseline is always something you can rely on to put a stop to it. So this year the brand are bringing out yet another new limited addition flavour. However this year the flavour is so far anonymous; they have set a challenge for the lip salve blogger fans to guess the flavour. How fun is that?!

Vaseline announced the news of the mystery flavour on their Facebook page and set bloggers the challenge of not just guessing the secret flavour, but also designing a tin to match it! When sent the unbranded tin, items for decoration were also sent with, along with some clues to help guess what it may be. Not only that, but the winner of the challenge, will win a trip to Paris! Adding to that, a lucky blogger who comments on the post will also be jetting to the City of love!

I'm so gutted that I missed out on the opportunity to do this but I was on holiday at the time so didn't find out about it until I returned home :(

So after feeling rather envious reading many blog posts on the subject, bloggers seem to have come to the conclusion that the anonymous flavour is infact- Pink Champagne! How divine!

The limited addition 2012 Vaseline will be available at Selfridges from the 5th September and is set to be retailed at a super reasonable £3.49; I for one can't wait to try it!

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